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Subject:Cementography - A Tour
Cementography - A Tour

Saturday 16 December 2017, 11:00
Starting Point: Old Post Office, Nikodemou Mylona Street, Paphos 

Pafos acquires more reference points in the city centre with an added value in regards to visual arts. A series of cementographies, inspired by the Cypriot legend of Arodafnousa, created by established and upcoming artists in Pafos will be permanently exhibited in main streets in the city centre, creating thus an interesting visual stroll with references to an art form which carries a Cypriot identity of international artistic appeal.

Cementography is an art form that carries a Cypriot identity. Introduced for the first time by the innovative Cypriot artist Christoforos Savva in the 1960’s and was continued until today by the artist Costas Economou, this technique transformed its decorative elements into a new and exciting form of art.

Even though such cement ‘reliefs’ of both Savva and Economou decorate several public and domestic spaces all over Cyprus, little did we know about the existence of this form of art and its making process.

Because this technique was 'born' in the recent years, it did not even have a name, giving the chance for Costas Economou to create a new term through a documentary directed by Nicolas Iordanou and Sylvia Nicolaides, to describe it and  introduce it to the world, and therefore bringing it into existence: ‘Cementography’.

The project includes works by Costas Economou, Nicolas Iordanou, Sylvia Nicolaides, Yiannis Sakellis, Alexander Gautier and Gabrielle Cornuault with the participation of Charalambos Margaritis, Marianna Constanti, Aristotelis Demetriou, Miriam McConnon and Chiaki Kamikawa.

Curated by Nicolas Iordanou and Sylvia Nicolaides and is a European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017 Project.