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Subject:Cult-CreaTE Interreg Europe

Nicosia Tourism Board participates in European Project: “Cultural and Creative Industries contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism in Europe”. The general aim of this collaboration is to gain experience and share ideas on public policy in practice, therefore improving strategies for their citizens and communities regarding to ‘Creative Tourism’. 

Especially, Nicosia Tourism Board’s goal is to:

  • Redeploy Cultural and Creative Industries for the development and promotion of Cultural and Creative Tourism strategies, with sustainability, innovations, capitalization, policy learning, policy implementation and capacity building
  • Improve the “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development Operational Programme” through policy learning and capacity building for improved governance & structural change
  • Create Action Plan and monitor their implementation of improved “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development Operational Programme”
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders and gain knowledge and experience about  tourism product of Nicosia 
  • Enable growth of employment in local tourism sector and improve the competitiveness of the tourism product
  • Promote and enhance the business activity in Nicosia’s region 

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