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Together we can make Nicosia and the world a better place to live!Join the 24-hour hackathon and solve one of the four climate challenges put forward by the City of Nicosia and Infocredit Group about the future of food, noise polution, green spaces in the city and mobility.
More info:

-Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving city climate challenges.

-Climathon is a global movement of city officials and citizens dedicated to solving their city’s climate challenges through innovation.

-Annual Climathon 24-hour hackathon - 26 October 2018.

-Originally conceptualised as a 24-hour hackathon by Climate-KIC, Climathon has since taken off as a global movement, engaging citizens on climate action—and providing cities with continued support on the unique challenges they face.

-With an issue as pressing as climate change, we cannot afford inaction. Climathon gives cities the opportunity to take their future into their own hands and implement grassroots solutions—empowering their own citizens along the way.

-The Climathon movement is manifested in a 24-hour hackathon.

-During the hackathon, entrepreneurs, students, developers and more, get together to solve a climate challenge their city is facing.

- We’re thrilled to announce that @Climathon 2018 is now open for participant registration! Register to help solve your local climate challenge and join the movement. Next #Climathon 24-hour #hackathon is 26 October:  

Now’s your chance to contribute to the largest globally-coordinated #climateaction! Visit @Climathon’s website and learn how you can register as a participant. Next #Climathon 24-hour #hackathon is 26 October: 

Are you interested in taking action in your city? @Climathon 2018 is now open for participant registration! Register to help solve your local climate challenge, which can be anything from #urbanmobility to #circulareconomy. Next #Climathon 24-hour #hackathon is 26 October: 

24 hours to drive climate action in our city – do you accept the challenge?
Sign up and join the # Climathon movement in Nicosia: